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Individual Supervised Fieldwork

Supervision is an opportunity to learn skills and find your passion. When you grow, I grow, and our field grows.

Individual Supervised Fieldwork for BACB and IBAO Trainees

If you are looking for a behavior analyst with experience in home, clinic, school, daycare and community with a range of ages and populations, you're in the right place! Gabi has been providing supervision to trainees for over 12 years! Her trainees have gone on to work as Behavior Analysts, Program Supervisors, ABA Coaches in Schools, Directors of Training and Development, Clinical Directors, Directors of Operations, University Professors, and Founders and Leaders of their own clinics and organizations. Gabi is invested in providing individualized culturally responsive supervision that meets your specific needs whether you work in-home, schools, in clinics or in leadership in one of these settings! She has been providing supervision in-person and remote since starting and has supported trainees in multiple countries and settings. To Gabi supervised fieldwork is not just about accruing the hours, it's about becoming prepared to be the best possible behavior analyst you can be!

Supervised Fieldwork for BACB Trainees - One Supervisor

  • All supervision accrued with Find Your Balance. Two options available:
  • $60 per hour (1-6.5 hours per month)
  • $350 per month (6.5 hours per month)
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Why is this more expensive than the IBAO fieldwork? Two reasons, 1) people pursuing their IBAO are often in other countries and the USD fees can be cost-prohibitive and 2) the IBAO has automated systems on their website that reduce the workload for the supervisor.

Do you offer concentrated supervision?
Possibly. If you are interested in this option, we'll set up a time to talk about your current experience setting, your time commitment and our time commitment. While we want to support you in your journey no matter how fast or slow you want to go, we also want to make sure you get the best quality experience.

Supervised Fieldwork for BACB Trainees - Multiple Supervisors

  • Hours accrued elsewhere with supplemental supervision from Find Your Balance 
  • $60 per hour (1-6.5 hours per month)

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Important! In order to pursue this option, your other supervisor(s) have to know that you are also pursuing hours with Find Your Balance, so that we can coordinate and make sure you are meeting the minimum requirements and not going over the maximum allowed hours each month.

Is Concentrated an option if I already get supervision elsewhere?
Possibly. We will want to meet and talk through your setting, other supervisors, time commitments and more to ensure everything is aligned and you are getting the exact support you need.

Supervised Practice for IBA Candidates - One Supervisor

  • All supervision accrued with Find Your Balance.
    Two options available:
  • $50 per hour (1-8 hours per month)
  • $275 hours per month (6 hours per month)
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I want to be an IBA, but this is too expensive for me. Are there alternatives? 
Yes! We do not want finances to be the reason you cannot pursue your certification in behavior analysis. There is a discount for people from lower income nations and other arrangements can be made as well. Please reach out and we'll meet to review options.

How long will it take to get all of my hours?
It depends. Make sure to review the IBAO's requirements. You will need at least 1 hour of supervision for every 20 hours of practice and can count up to 40 hours per week.

Can I complete my REO course while I get supervision?
Yes! We offer both supervised practice and the 270-hour IBA course and you can do one or both with us.

What else is available to trainees at Find Your Balance?

Supervision will primarily be provided on an individual basis. Some group supervision opportunities may be available if appropriate. All trainees will receive discounted access to our CEUs post-certification for BCBAs and pre- and post-certification for IBAs. Any new resources and trainings developed will always be accessible to trainees and graduates of our programs at a discounted rate.

If you are in a leadership role within your organization, add-on consulting services are available. We always try to do most of our support during fieldwork. At times however, we may decide that additional consulting hours are warranted to help complete organization-based projects or to complete tasks that are outside the scope of supervised fieldwork. For example, if you need to create a staff training, we can do this during supervision. If we decide to create the training together, that may warrant additional hours. If you create staff training protocols we can do that through supervision. If you need support writing your employee handbook, we'll likely recommend additional consulting hours.